Istituto Ecologico Edelweiss - Vendita online di prodotti cosmetici a base di ingredienti biologici e naturali

Our production process

Our secret is nature and we harvest by hand the heart of our products directly from the majestic mountains that surround us. A production process that starts and ends with nature, respecting and drawing from it the essence that makes our products so unique.

1. Harvest

Absolute synergy between man and nature.

In unspoilt locations surrounded by nature, we hand pick the officinal herbs from Valtellina that we use to make our products. We are extremely careful to harvest them in a completely sustainable manner, guided by the balsamic times of each individual species.
With full respect for what we are and for what surrounds us, we work in complete synergy with the natural rhythm of the mountain. Picking the wild officinal herbs that we use helps to clean the mountain pastures and meadows, while completely maintaining local farming traditions. The picking stage is painstakingly laborious, but it is an integral part of the end product’s fine quality and uniqueness.

2. Drying

Each stage follows a natural timescale.

Drying of the wild officinal herbs respects the times of every individual species. In line with this important principle we place all the plants picked in the shade of dedicated mountain refuges. This process respects a natural pace, that entails no physical or chemical stages: neither do we use synthetic agents or anti-parasites, in complete respect for the beneficial principles.

3. Extraction

When science and technology are at the service of nature.

After harvesting and drying, the wild officinal herbs are transported to our laboratories and undergo a special exclusive extraction procedure using ultrasound equipment. This results in unique products, complete with all the organoleptic properties and active principles.
Quality and quantity studies have in fact shown how the ultrasound technique permits total extraction of both primary and secondary active principles, enhancing the global effectiveness of the extracted substance.
Only natural solvents are used during the ultrasound extraction process, which is carried out at room temperature. In this way extraction is safe and sustainable and all the organoleptic properties of the plants remain intact.

4. Production

Our objective is to create highly effective products.

Our objective is to create highly effective products
At the end of a scrupulously controlled production process, carried out to the highest production standards, we create the precious extracts used in large quantities in all our products. Special combinations that characterise every Edelweiss formula, making them unique and extremely functional. The result is highly effective innovative natural cosmetics and detergents, representing perfect synergy between research and nature.