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Place and time of collection: Valmalenco, Val Tartano, Val Gerola.

The best time to harvest is from September to November. We usually wait for the first frost, which allows cinorroidi to soften and helps to fix the content of vitamin C. The impervious areas in which this plant usually grows in Valtellina make the collection particularly complex, from the difficulty in achieving the icy rocky slopes. The manual collection conducted in the cold, trying to avoid the thorns that protect the exposed plant, is definitely challenging, even though the “fruits” give a good yield and have a content of active ingredients absolutely brilliant. The drying phase is the longest among all the herbs collected, reaching even a couple of months to complete, with a continuous control and manual mixing of the operators.
These precautions, together with the ultrasonic extraction technique of the active ingredients, allow, however, to preserve and maintain the content of ascorbic acid, a vitamin usually very delicate and easily degradable by external factors.

Main morphological characteristics: it is a bushy shrub up to 2-4 meters high, erect stem from the bottom and hanging in the upper, equipped with numerous spines. The leaves are from 5 to 7, with a serrated edge. The flowers appear between May and July and consist of 5 petals pink. Those who commonly call themselves the fruits are actually “false fruit “, egg-shaped and bright red that darkens during ripening. The true fruits ( achenes ) are contained within these cinorroidi and are dry, as hard as small stones and covered with thick hair.

Main components: ascorbic acid (vitamin C) , vitamin A, riboflavin, carotenoids, flavonoids, tannins, malic and citric acid, sugar, pectin.


The dog-rose is the most concentrated natural source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Our extract is obtained by cold extraction which allows to avoid the alteration of the thermolabile vitamins that are destroyed by other types of treatment. The completeness of active primary and secondary ( bioflavonoids ) makes that the vitamin C contained in this plant intakes many more benefits of only ascorbic acid concentrated!
The Dog-rose is a great antioxidant and antitoxic able to increase and strengthen the immune system. It helps to cope with stress and exhaustion, physical and mental, and activates the vitamin B9 (folic acid ), facilitating the absorption of iron in the intestine; strengthens the metabolism of natural cortisone, playing antiallergenic action.
It has an indirect healing action since it facilitates the formation of connective tissue and collagen. The acids contained in Dog-rose are weak and are metabolized into compounds that react with the sodium and potassium content in our blood, forming carbonates and bicarbonates. For this reason, the extract of Dog-rose has also alkalizing action.



Our mountainous areas are rich in many species of wild rose, sometimes difficult to distinguish between them. An aid is an indication that the rose hips have 5 to 7 leaflets, unlike other species that arrive at 9.
The etymology of the name is not clear: Pliny the Elder widespread belief that the root of this plant was a useful remedy against rabies transmitted by the bites of dogs. For this Linnaeus, the Swedish naturalist founder of modern systematic botany, the name attributed to this rose ‘ hip ‘ . In fact, scientific studies in this regard have ruled that this plant may have some curative effect on disease transmitted by dogs.
The Dog-rose is an ancient plant, founded more than forty million years ago: in that period, in fact , the fossil record found in Colorado and Oregon.
The oldest currently known plant is a shrub rosehip growing at the cathedral of Hildesheim, according to some date back to about the year 1000.
The dog-rose has played an important role in the make up for the deficiency of Vitamin C in the British children during World War II .

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