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Who we are

Since the start of the eighties we have been making natural cosmetics and detergents using wild officinal herbs. We have always followed a unique production procedure that starts in the unspoilt mountain pastures in the shade of dedicated mountain refuges. This is where we pick and dry, still by hand, the Valtellina plants that we use to make our products, fully respecting the life cycle of each individual species.
This ancient process in harmony with nature fully respects all the plants’ individual balsamic times in order to preserve unaltered every single active principle of these precious raw materials.
Only once they have been dried, in fact, are the officinal herbs transported to our laboratories, where, thanks to an exclusive ultrasound system, we extract all their primary and secondary active principles. We invest in research and in continual improvement to create effective products that deliver real cosmetic and detergent results.
All this has remained unchanged and we have always worked with the same passion, loyal to these principles and this production procedure.

Mario Petrelli
Owner of the Edelweiss Ecological Institute

How it all started

Even as a youngster, Gianfranco Petrelli had a dream: he wanted to tangibly show his love for his homeland Valtellina, with products that expressed its natural richness.
In 1984, when sustainability and respect for the man’s relationship with nature were still only considered by a handful of people, Gianfranco Petrelli decided to found a company with these very values as its cornerstones. The Edelweiss Ecological Institute, today headed by his son Mario, since then has supervised the picking of wild officinal herbs in Valtellina, their processing via extraction of plant complexes and transformation of these raw materials into detergents, cosmetics and herbal products.
Nature provides us with all we need, but we must pay it back with the same care and attention: this is the simple principle that leads to the Edelweiss philosophy, based on respect and safeguarding of our natural legacy and our body. The essence of products from the Edelweiss Ecological Institute comes from the wisdom of nature, its effective curing remedies and immense botanical heritage.

All Edelweiss products feature:


Formulas made with wild officinal herbs from Valtellina.

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Compositions with ingredients of plant or natural origin.

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Extremely high concentrations of natural active ingredients.

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Excellent results.

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Our certifications