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Place and time of harvest: Parco della Bosca. The best time for harvest is the flowering period, which goes from April – June to September – October. The flowers are picked by hand, picking off the flower heads with nails just below their listing.

Main morphological characteristics: perennial or biennial herbaceous plant, with a stem that can reach up to 70 -100 cm in favorable conditions (here the seedlings are smaller). The whole plant is covered with hairs, the leaves are tender and green, elongated shape. The flowers are commonly placed on the head and remind those of daisies.

Main components: carotenes, flavonoids, essential oil, mucilage, resins, saponins and triterpenes.


This plant has softening, soothing, refreshing features and it also regenerate the epithelium. Its main use is, therefore, directed to the treatment of dry, chapped, sensitive, easily reddened skin. In more recent times healing and anti-inflammatory action of chilblains, ulcers, boils and minor burns has also been confirmed.


This plant is closely linked to the sun, the flowers bloom when the sun shines and follow it throughout the day until closing at sunset. The flowers also indicate bad weather – they remained closed in case of rain.

The name Calendula comes from the Latin ” Calendae ” alluding to the fact that according to tradition, there is a continuous flowering from the first day of each month.
It is commonly called “Fiorrancio” because of its orange color (arancio in Italian).

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