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The Syn Patent

When nature meets a pure environment this creates a unique symbiotic relationship, where every element thrives on co-existence. Only when everything is simply natural can the plants live, releasing and developing their active principles.
This principle, as simple as it is effective, is the origin of the SYN patent.
SYN, from the Greek word together, or as a suffix of symbiosis or “co-existence”, is what happens when nature falls in love with itself.
Cosmetics that are the result of a unique patent, plant and product triggering a symbiotic relationship of continual exchange, possible because it is natural. Exceptional products that maintain and develop their active principles thanks to the co-existence of their formulas and the officinal herbs they contain.

The Syn Patent

SYN is Edelweiss Ecological Institute patent number 0001299885.
The cosmetics in the SYN line, like all Edelweiss products, are made using wild officinal herbs, but they also have an extra secret: their patent. A particular procedure, suitable for certain cosmetic categories, immediately recognisable thanks to the insertion of a sprig of the wild officinal herb the product is made from into its bottle. From the instant the plant comes into contact with the product, an osmotic relationship of release and exchange begins between plant and liquid that affects its colour, aroma and, above all, active principles.
Cosmetic and plant therefore enter into a process of exchange of their functional components and these precious elements continue to live, precisely because their sources live together.

Stages in the exchange.

1. The liquid

2. The exchange

3. The symbiosis

During the lifecycle of the cosmetic, the plant in the solution may show variously coloured streaks. The different hue, colour or fragrance of each bottle is therefore proof of the characteristic uniqueness of the raw materials and the production process of Edelweiss Ecological Institute products. All these parameters are the best guarantee of the naturalness of our products.